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something safe for the picture frame

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28th December 2005

mangofandango1:50pm: My Christmas, in pictures!

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26th January 2005

mangofandango1:34pm: The Great Blizzard of '05 ;)

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Current Mood: busy

20th September 2004

mangofandango2:02pm: let's resurrect foe_toes, shall we?

This is some plant (I forgot to remember :)) in URI's medicinal garden.

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Current Mood: calm

13th May 2004

mangofandango3:12pm: some random pictures

(fun with manual focus)

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Current Mood: happy

23rd April 2004

mangofandango10:22am: new camera experimentation
Some of these are experiments with exposure time and stuff, obviously. :)

(The Buffy Season 2 DVD case, on the floor in the sun with like 6 seconds of exposure time)

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Current Mood: busy

3rd April 2004

mangofandango11:13pm: 5 pretty pictures of stuff on my desk. whoo!

This is Tubbie. He is snuggly and smells like baby powder.

Look, I'll even put the rest behind a cut for you. You're welcome.Collapse )
Current Mood: working

23rd October 2003


I have a hat.Collapse )
Current Mood: pensive
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